Cat Sitting

If you are planning a holiday, a mini-break or working away (and really don't want to put your cat into a cattery), why don’t you consider the benefits of a cat sitter?

Taking your cat to a cattery can be a stressful experience for both of you. From the moment the cat carrier comes out, to taking them in the car and leaving them with a stranger (to spend time away in new and unusual surroundings), it can be as stressful for them as it is for you – all the time you are away.

Cats are territorial creatures of habit and do not like change. They like to feel safe and secure in their own environment, which they achieve by leaving their scent from rubbing and marking around the house. Taking them away from their familiar space into a cattery with its unfamiliar smells, sounds and sights can be very worrying for them.

However, arranging a cat sitter – who can come into your home and spend time playing, petting, changing litter trays, feeding and freshening water – can be a suitable alternative.

Having a cat sitter means you and your cat can meet with them before your break allowing you both time to get to know them. This allows your cat to get used to their new scent and appearance when they come to look after them.

Things to Consider

Litter Tray – Changing a litter tray (or the litter itself) can lead to cats avoiding using it and this, in turn, can lead to stress and urinary problems. Keeping cats in their home environment enables them to keep their own tray and a cat sitter can observe any changes in toileting behaviour that may require veterinary care.

Sleep – Cats like to sleep between12 and 18 hours a day. Sleeping allows their energy to be fully replenished for expressing natural cat behaviours such as playing, exercising and hunting. And, there is nothing better than your own comfortable bed to ensure you get all the rest you need!

Mealtimes - At home, your cat can continue to be fed their own food at the times they are used to. They have their own bowls that they feel comfortable with and free access to their own water. Food can be individually measured out to ensure they get the right amount of food needed each day. This means they are more likely to eat normally rather than having the stress of being in a strange environment. In a cattery, cat resources (such as feeding bowls, water bowls and litter trays) are often kept in close proximity which can cause distress for a cat.

Exercise - If your cat is used to going outdoors then having a cat sitter allows this to continue. Alternatively, you may prefer to keep them indoors whilst you are away to ensure their safety and that they are there when the sitter calls. Environmental enrichment is very important for cats, so if not allowed outdoors they will require stimulation with toys and interaction. Having a cat sitter in your home allows the cat to play with its own toys and be able to access its own safe hiding places. In a cattery these needs may not be met.

Medication - If your cat requires medication and you have a specific way of administering it then a cat sitter can also help with this – especially if it is offered with food as the cat is more likely to be eating normally in their home environment.

Vaccination – To go into a cattery a cat must be vaccinated, but sometimes this is not possible due to illness, previous reactions or current medication. This is where a cat sitter can be ideal as your cat can remain in its own home without the need for the vaccination.

Age – Younger kittens or senior cats can be more vulnerable to change in their environment and may require specific care that cannot be provided in a cattery.

Here at Leading the Way Pet Care, we offer your precious feline companion perfect security in your own home so that you feel relaxed; safe in the knowledge that your cat will be looked after as if you were at home. Please get in touch with our team to learn more about us and see how we can assist you.

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