Easter Care Advice for Your Pets

Easter is very late this year, and the weather should be a little better than it has been of late. With children being off school and adults being off work – not to mention more visitors (or visiting) than normal – pets can get a little unsettled. This change in routine can be worrying (or overly exciting) to some animals so try to be aware of your pet’s needs and mood state. They don’t know it’s Good Friday and that you may want a lie in; it’s important to make sure your pets are having as relaxed and as long a weekend as you are! Be patient with any unsettled behaviour and keep meals times and walks as normal as possible. And, if you’ve people visiting, ensure your pet has a safe place to go and relax that’s not in the middle of the comings and goings.

Keeping Easter Eggs, chocolates and seasonal flowers (such as daffodils) out of reach is essential. These can be pulled off worktops by paws and noses, pushed onto the floor by wandering cats and, if left too close, pulled into cages by hamsters and mice! Should your pet ingest anything they shouldn’t it’s important to seek medical advice. If you’re away visiting friends and family, it may be of benefit to see where the nearest veterinarian is and find out if they’re open over the bank holiday weekend. It’s better to know of a service and not use it than trying to find one in an urgent situation.

Rabbits, chicks and other small animals are a huge commitment and not just something to buy at this time of year. Their diet, general care and husbandry needs to be understood and followed to ensure their needs are met, so proper research before getting any pet is essential; it’s a lifetime of care they need.

It’s always good to get out for the day, and the long Easter weekend is a busy time for national parks and beaches. Be sure to research which are dog friendly as some are closed to dogs at certain times of the year. It’s also important to build up your dog’s exercise regime. If he’s used to two 20-minute walks a day and then taken on day-long excursions it could be detrimental to his health. As with us, it’s important to build up gradually and get fitter over time. Our ‘Canine Fitness’ blog offers advice on some exercises to start with!

Many people enjoy the long weekend at home and take the opportunity to get gardening and housework done, so it’s important, where possible, to look into pet friendly products or provide a clear area so your pet is safe if you’re using something that could be damaging to them.

If you’re away over Easter, Leading the Way are happy to do home visits for cats and other small animals as well as walking your dog if you’re out for the day.

Here at Leading the Way, we can incorporate these, and more, into our home visits and walks. Please contact a member of the team for more information.

Leading the Way is here to help!

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