Canine Coaching Sessions

Follow our lead ... to a well trained dog

Canine coaching

Is your adorable, four-legged friend developing a mind of its own - with a streak of mischief to match?!

All dogs need training and guidance from their owners to teach them the important life skills and basic manners that help them to live together happily. Training difficulties can crop up at any age; however, they frequently occur in puppies or young dogs at around 7 to 8 months of age - just as they reach adolescence!

At Leading the Way Pet Care, our Canine Coaching sessions are dedicated to help you steer clear of dog training issues such as poor recall, pulling on the lead or jumping up at people.

Dogs need routine; a pattern to follow and some understanding of what is expected of them. Unfortunately, busy family lives and hectic work schedules often result in bad habits creeping in. At Leading the Way Pet Care, we know that best behaviour only comes from well-maintained training; so, our one-to-one dog training sessions are designed to help you at the earliest sign of any difficulty. Consistency is key when training with your dog.

What can you expect?

Leading the Way Pet Care will help you to identify the root cause of any unwanted dog training issues and show you how to eliminate bad habits with confidence and ease. Using positive (reward-based) training, we will work through the problem area together in such a way that the training is wholeheartedly enjoyed by both you and your dog.

Canine Coaching sessions will improve your dog’s behaviour, strengthen their bond with you and give you pride in their progress.

Where are the coaching sessions held?

Training your dog should take place away from unnecessary distractions in a quiet place where you will be the sole focus of their attention. One-to-one training sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home or in a local park. We can choose somewhere suitable, together, depending on the dog training required.

How much do they cost?

Individual training sessions are £30 per hour. Alternatively, you can book a block of 3 training sessions for just £80.

The training sessions last approximately 1 hour and are tailored to you and your dog's particular training needs. You will also receive bespoke training notes after each session, by email, to help you maintain your training.

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