Peace of Mind for You and Your Pet!


We believe safe and responsible pet care shouldn’t be a gamble - so we’ve made it a certainty. Read more

Adding Quality to Family Life!


I’m Andy Corrigan and with the help of my wife, Michelle, I run Leading the Way Pet Care, Chorley Read more

Active Dog Month ... April!


Active Dog Month is all about enjoying the warmth of spring and getting active with our four-legged friends Read more

Signs of a happy cat are essential for a loving relationship


The tell-tale sign of a happy cat is a confident one. Read more

Understanding what cats need is vital to keep them happy


Understanding what cats need is vital to keep them happy! Read more

Leading the Way Pet Care Celebrate ‘Walk Your Dog’ Month


2020 has been a year to leave behind like no other! Why not take the lead in 2021 and become your own boss! Read more

First Aid Tips for Helping Pets in an Emergency


Before rushing in to assess and treat your pet with First Aid, make sure it is safe to do so. Read more

Autumn walks - stay safe with these top tips


Autumn walks, as the weather changes and trees turn from green to brown, traditionally provide some of the most beautiful days out in the year. Read more

Giving Pets Medication Can Be Tricky!


Tips for giving pets medication at home can save time and unnecessary trips to the vet. Read more

Introducing a rescue cat to your home


Bringing a new cat home is a very exciting time for us but, for a cat, this is likely to be a frightening experience. Read more

Looking for a New Business?


As furloughed workers wait to hear how the UK recession will affect their future employment, Leading the Way Pet Care presents a tempting solution. Read more

'Cherry Eye' needs diagnosing and treating


How do I know if my dog has cherry eye? A lump appearing on a dog’s eye is a cause for concern. Read more

Holiday in safety with your dog while social distancing.


Your holiday should be an enjoyable experience for you, your family and your dog. Read more

How to get your dog or cat back into a working routine after lockdown


During the pandemic, the period of lockdown has been stressful for most people, and for their pets. Our normal routines have been disrupted Read more

Caring For Our Dogs During Lockdown Part 2


Dogs love routine and may be used to several walks a day; however, the instruction to us all is to take exercise just once a day. Read more

Caring For Our Dogs During Lockdown Part 1


While being home all day can be exciting for our pets, dogs like routine just as much as we do. Read more

Coronavirus - Self Isolating


Self-isolation will be difficult for us all, but we also need to consider the effect on our pets Read more

Cats Indoors - Coronavirus


Cats that are used to going outdoors but are now confined indoors can find the experience stressful and frustrating. Read more

Coronavirus Small Animal Advice


Ensure you have made arrangements for a family member, friend or neighbour to look after your small animal friends Read more

Coronavirus Cat Advice


If you have an indoor cat, you will need a minimum of 2 weeks’ supply of cat litter Read more

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