Adding Quality to Family Life!

"I’m Andy Corrigan and with the help of my wife, Michelle, I run Leading the Way Pet Care, Chorley. We are responsible pet care professionals who are devoted to supporting pet owners by providing quality time and expert care for much-loved pets."

"Giving responsible pet owners the freedom to meet life’s commitments with complete peace of mind is an absolute privilege. I am patient by nature and have naturally high standards." Andy


"Before taking on Leading the Way, I spent five years working part time as a dog groomer. Training to be a qualified dog groomer gave me skills to handle dogs firmly but gently and the ability to calm and control nervous behaviour. Being a groomer also taught me that every dog has a different personality and noticing their individual personalities is second nature to me now. The attention to detail and the focus on their well-being is truly rewarding.

""A big kid myself, there’s nothing I love more than to run around with dogs and play games with them. In the Corrigan household we have three dogs: a Cavachon, called Bella, and two Border Collies called Indie and Alaska! They are fabulously fun-loving dogs and just great with the children, which is brilliant because when they are all busy playing together Michelle and I get a much-needed tea break!"

Andy Corrigan


"After studying for a degree in Zoology, I enjoyed a successful career teaching biology at both secondary school and A level. My experience of working full time in a demanding job whilst juggling a busy family life highlighted the difficulty of finding safe and reliable pet care. Alongside family life I am able to support Andy in our pet care business and enjoy combining my lifelong love of animals with my skills from education.”

Work-Life Balance

"One of the greatest joys we have each day is looking back with happiness at how far this franchise opportunity has turned our lives around. We could not be happier with our new-found life/work balance.

"Leading the Way support has been outstanding, going above and beyond. We have never experienced this kind of commitment, helping us through the early challenges of starting a new business with no previous experience."!

Leading the Way is here to help!

If you would like more information on Leading the Way Pet Care franchise, please contact us via email or phone us on 0800 068 1106.

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