1. Is there a limit to the number of dogs that can be walked at any one time?

Four dogs maximum - safety and enjoyment are essential. Responsible dog walking with consideration to the community and the environment is a priority. Leading the Way Pet Care place quality of service beyond monetary gain.

2.What happens at the ‘Waggy Welcome'?

It's a trust-building exercise involving a planned visit to get to know a prospect client and pet within their own home environment. It's free of charge and provides an opportunity for them to choose whether our services match what they are looking for. It may include a planned, short walk that allows the individual needs of pet and owner to be assessed.

3.How is personal information and client security managed?

Client's keys and personal information are used in strictest confidence. The success of our business depends on client trust. Client data is only held in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation Legislation (2018).

4.How is payment made?

Payment will be made by Bank Transfer

5.What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

A 50% cancellation fee is liable if the cancellation notice is less than 48hrs.

6.Is there a medical emergency protocol?

Yes. We follow the latest and most up-to-date approaches to safe pet care. We are also all trained in Pet First Aid.

7.Are there any restrictions for off-lead walking?

Off-lead walking can take place provided that client consent is obtained, insurance is held, and countryside and highway codes are followed. Common sense and confident recall are key.

8.How do you manage incompatibility?

Leading the Way Pet Care operates a dog-matching service from the outset. Taking time to match temperament, breed, energy, and need for socialization makes all the difference. Walks are planned with carefully thought out groups and numbers so that dogs are individually catered for and really enjoy themselves.

9.Are there set walking schedules?

Dog walking is a high-demand service. Busy lives mean busy pet owners, so pick-up and drop-off times need to be pre-planned. Leading the Way Pet Care offer Group Walks (60 minutes) and Individual Walks (30 minutes or 60 minutes) for clients to book accordingly.

10.Are there any restrictions to business operating times?

Weekends and Bank Holidays may be individually negotiated.

11.Does Leading the Way Pet Care have business insurance and public liability cover?

Yes. Leading the Way Pet Care use specialist insurance and public liability cover.

12.What are the regulations for un-spayed/neutered dogs?

Bitches in season cannot be group walked or allowed off the lead. We offer individual / lead walks for them during this time. All other dogs are considered on an individual basis.

13.Are there any extreme weather restrictions?

Pet safety is of paramount importance. If adverse weather puts safe transportation at risk, then we will suspend services. In extreme heat, walks will be adapted to ensure dogs do not become dehydrated or overheated.

14.Do you have a medicine administration policy?

Yes. We require written consent from a client before administering any medicine.

15.Are there any dog-walking location restrictions?

We use in-depth knowledge of local areas to follow lawful access to parks, public footpaths and countryside. Courtesy to the general public and the environment are carefully considered.

16.Does Leading the Way Pet Care use social media to keep clients up to date?

Yes, with client permission. We are committed to keeping owners updated and use social media for sharing pet-care highlights and for providing owner reassurance.

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