Peace of Mind for You and Your Pet!

Finding a dog walker with canine first aid skills means peace of mind for you and your dog!

Canine first aid training is an essential part of any responsible dog walking service and a crucial requirement for your dog’s safety and security when you leave them in someone else’s care.

Going for a dog walk may seem like a safe and easy thing to do but nothing beats being prepared for the unexpected.

Dogs are inquisitive animals with boundless energy. Especially when someone reaches for their lead! If you add to that the frequency with which they stick their noses into places they shouldn’t or burst into a sprint to chase after something that moves, you have all the ingredients for a mishap. Walks are such an exciting part of a dog’s day, but it only takes a second for an accidental injury to occur.

Nobody wants to imagine any harm coming to their pet. Which is why it makes sense to check your dog walker is pet first aid trained. Should an accident occur, dog walkers need the confidence and training to deal with pet related emergencies and the ability to make a decision to call for veterinary assistance if they are unable to reach you.

Pet owners returning to work after lockdown, some of whom will be leaving pets behind for the very first time, are realising that finding the perfect person to look after their pets with all the love and attention they are used to is proving to be quite a task.

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Leading the Way Pet Care can help. We believe safe and responsible pet care shouldn’t be a gamble - so we’ve made it a certainty. Our pet professionals are trained in canine first aid, educated in animal welfare and comprehensively insured with cover that extends to safe transportation conforming to RSPCA standards.

Don’t leave it to chance. If you are leaving your dog in someone else’s care, make sure they have canine first aid skills to deal with an emergency and safe transport to reach a vet.

Raising standards of professional excellence in pet care

Because pet care matters, Leading the Way Pet Care provide a reliable and trustworthy service to give pet owners the reassurance that their pets are in safe hands with qualified experts.

Leading the Way is here to help!

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