Active Dog Month ... April!

Active Dog Month is all about enjoying the warmth of spring and getting active with our four-legged friends … and Leading the Way Pet Care can’t wait to help!

Living through a pandemic has turned plenty of lives upside down and many pet owners are struggling to find the time they would normally give to their pets.

The solution? Leading the Way Pet Care! After a long, cold, lockdown winter, a burst of April sunshine is just what’s needed to spring into action to give pet owners a helping hand with their pet care commitments.

We provide a much-needed service for busy pet owners who want to give pets the care and attention they deserve but find themselves short of time or perhaps living with unexpected health limitations and/or work commitments beyond their control.

With over 22 million pets in the UK (not to mention an estimated increase of over 3 million pets purchased during the pandemic) the pet care industry is booming.

Cat relaxing in home environment

Owning a Leading the Way pet Care franchise means you will be helping pet owners enjoy the life-enriching comforts of owning a pet with the added perks of staying active all year round and spending time with treasured pets every day!

Leading the Way offer exciting and energetic dog walks in a variety of locations, using professional dog-handling skills, whilst providing stimulating on-lead and off-lead exercise with a distinct focus on having fun!

We also provide reliable and safe pet transport taking pets to and from chosen destinations in smartly designed RSPCA standard assured vehicles.

Our comprehensive training programme combined with our unique accredited course in Companion Animal Health, Welfare and Disease Control will provide you with unrivalled foundations on which to build your pet care business.

Leading the Way is here to help!

If you would like more information on Leading the Way Pet Care franchise, please contact us via email or phone us on 0800 027 9845.

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