New Kitten Advice

Making the decision to get any pet is a big one and preparation is key! If you’ve decided on a kitten, chances are he will be around 8 weeks before he’s allowed to leave his mum and come home to you. It could be of benefit to ask the breeder to start getting your kitten used to a pet carrier, as not only will you need it for bringing your new arrival home but also for any future vet visits or trips to the cattery!

It’s essential to work out where you can put your kitten’s litter trays. Due to cats preferring to be clean, it’s a good idea to have two litter trays for one cat (and three for two cats) because if you don’t get the chance to clean one quickly enough, your kitten may find somewhere else to toilet! Don’t put the trays in busy thoroughfares; your kitten, understandably, would be happier toileting in peace and quiet and always away from the area they eat and drink!

Choosing a good quality first food for your kitten can be a daunting task so it’s definitely worth asking the breeder what they fed them after weaning. Our sister company, OSCAR, offers nutritionally balanced feline foods from kitten to adult complete (with tasty toppings) so please ring for advice on what’s best for your new addition.

Things will be a little overwhelming for your tiny kitten for the first few days, so make sure you give him plenty of time to explore his new surroundings and to discover things at his own pace, whilst it’s quiet. In this way, he will have time to find the places he likes best to hide, play and rest! Whilst providing a bed is important, don’t forget your kitten may decide his bedroom is somewhere else!

Correct socialisation is important to help your kitten cope with the world around him and what his new life may entail. The first 8 weeks of life are the most important time for the socialisation process, so hopefully the breeder will have done a lot of the ground work for you! It involves exposing your kitten to plenty of life’s ordinary noises and objects so that they don’t see things beyond that point as a threat! Handling your kitten will not only help the bonding process for you both but also accustom him to being touched, which will help with any vet or grooming tasks.

Before letting him venture outside, check your kitten’s vaccinations are up to date (or booked in with your vet practice) as well as ensuring preventive measures for fleas, worms and ticks are in place. When he does go out for the first few times, stay with him until he’s used to his surroundings and can find his way back in! Cat flap or window training will come at a later date!

Here at Leading the Way, we’d be happy to help in settling in your new family member, and provide visits if you’re at work or need to be out, so that your kitten doesn’t miss out on valuable socialisation at this crucial time.

Leading the Way is here to help!

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