Puppies don't come with instructions!

How to help them settle in

Your pup will find the move from his litter to your home exciting, but also a little overwhelming too. He'll need lots of attention, reassurance and consistency to help him settle in and develop. Some puppies miss the familiar smells and sounds of their litter. Your breeder may have sent him home to you with a toy / blanket that carries both the mother’s and the litter’s scent on it to place in their bed, giving them something familiar to settle with as they start anew. This can help them feel secure and safe in their new surroundings whilst, at the same time, allowing them to adjust to the sights, smells and routines of your home.

Where should my puppy sleep?

Just like us, puppies need their sleep; it's important to provide a warm, quiet place for them to rest in during the day as well as at night. Family life can sometimes be overwhelming for a small puppy and he'll need some time on his own in a safe and comfortable spot. Ideally, his bed should be somewhere where he will feel safe and secure and not in the path of the hustle and bustle of family life. If your pup is going to be crated to sleep, he’ll need to be positively trained to do so. Just putting him in there and closing the door will probably result in a noisy (and possibly distressing) night for all! Whether your pup sleeps in the same room as you or not is your choice; you’ll discover that there is a lot of conflicting opinion surrounding this (and many other) decisions, but this is your pup and your choice, so it has to be right for your lifestyle!

Choosing the right diet

If your pup comes to you with food from the breeder and you are wanting to change it, it’s advisable to continue feeding the breeder’s food, just for a few days, to keep your puppy’s tummy settled. There are lots of different brands and options out there and not all offer the same quality ingredients, so take time to speak with your vet or nutritionist to see what’s best for you. If you would like to speak with an experienced nutritionist, we can help.

Leading the Way is a sister company to Oscar Pet Foods, the UK’s largest pet food home delivery franchise. If you are not sure what diet is best for your puppy, please call and speak to an OSCAR Nutritional Advisor, for expert advice, using their freephone number 0800 195 8000. They will be able to give you plenty of individual help and/or breed-specific dietary information.

Leading the Way is here to help!

Here at Leading the Way, we offer a range of services including home visits. Most new puppy owners have to return to work (or other commitments) sooner or later, so one of the many services we offer is designed to help you and your puppy settle into your new routine together. We can give you evidence-based advice, offer your puppy a toilet break or some extra training, or simply provide them with some company, together with the chance to learn some life skills. Once old enough, your puppy can join our walking service which can also help them to develop their life skills in the outside world.

If you would like more information on any of the services that Leading the Way Pet Care provides, please contact us via please contact us via email or phone us on 0800 027 9846.

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