Looking for a rewarding, healthy and fun career in an industry where professional pet care matters?

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About the Franchise

The dream of having your own business and the excitement of being able to offer a professional and compassionate pet care service can now be a reality.

The services of Leading the Way Pet Care have been designed to support busy pet owners who value having a pet in their family but need support throughout their pet's life.

You'll have fun enjoying the great outdoors - but you will need to be fit.

Dog walking calls for lots of energy not to mention meeting new people, meeting new pets and promoting your business.

Adding quality to family life

In a largely unregulated industry, highly-skilled professionals hold the key to our success.

A comprehensive training programme combined with our accredited course in Companion Animal Health, Welfare and Disease Control will provide you with unrivalled foundations on which to build your pet care business. Experienced mentors, offering ongoing support and advice, will be on hand to ensure that your new business flourishes. The most important thing to us is your success.

OSCAR Pet Foods Ltd. has been the inspiration for Leading the Way Pet Care. With over twenty years of experience in franchising and the pet food industry, OSCAR is always one step ahead of a growing market. Our long-standing expertise in launching and growing successful franchises lends us valuable experience and wisdom to generate additional business opportunities in the pet care industry.

Everything you need to run a franchise bursting with fun and care

The opportunity to work with pets, together with an outstanding franchise package tailored to suit your needs

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association there are 8.5 million dogs and 8 million cats in the UK

Raising standards of professional excellence in pet care

Because pet care matters, Leading the Way Pet Care provide a reliable and trustworthy service to give pet owners the reassurance that their pets are in safe hands with qualified experts.

No two days will be the same! Come rain or shine, dog walking will take you to a fantastic variety of places and you'll be meeting new owners and pets. Pet home visits might vary from bonding with a new puppy to comforting an anxious cat. You'll be busy helping to manage daily requirements and routines. Furthermore, your pet taxi service will prove invaluable to those in need, whilst delivering increased accessibility to much needed professional care.

It takes a wide range of skills combined with extraordinary teamwork to run a successful franchise operation. Investing in an impressive team of franchise professionals, Leading the Way Pet Care has been designed with an unparalleled level of expertise to support your new business from day one.

Meet the team

Janet, Colleen and Mandy have expertise in running all aspects of a franchise business; you can rest assured that your questions will be answered, and the support will be exceptional.

Join our Success

Looking forward to a rewarding career

If you are keen to discuss our franchise opportunity, please complete the contact form or speak to our franchise team - Janet, Colleen or Mandy on 0800 068 1106.

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